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Our Services
we are all for small business and community involvment
building and growing together helping develop systems for your post consumer waste

What We Offer

Plastic Shredding

Shredded Plastic

We offer plastic shredding services by the kilogram. You collect and wash we shred and return so you can create. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to collect and wash, we also sell shredded HDPE and PP plastic by the Kilogram clean and ready to use.

Machine Building

PP Machines

We offer school safe plastic processing machines, bassed on the Precious Plastic Uiniverse designs with our own upgrades, including plastic shredders, extrusion machines and injection moulders. We have endeavoured through research and supply chain building to make these machines available at a more affordable price than can be built at home. With the idea to promote plastic recycling at a consumer level. Our machines are made to Australian safety standards, electrically certified and are Australian made.

CNC Moulds

CNC Moulds

We can now offer CNC mould and template making. Through a colaboration effort we have teamed up with CNC machienest to offer amazing pricing and quality for moulds to be used within the plastic recycling universe. We can help you make up your designs or you can supply your own drawings. Our goal is to make plastic recycling affordable at a consumer level.



With our well equipped work space we can help you develop new and innovative product designs made from recycled materials. Removing the expense of setting up your own space to prove it works, allowing you more freedom at an affordable price. We are also open to working on new solutions for you to help manage your post manufacturing waste. We work with recycled plastics and timber and we would love to help you bring your idea into reality.